Review #39: Aberlour 12

Last week we went to a lecture and vertical tasting of Aberlour led by Brand Ambassador Callum O’Donnell. After climbing a few flights of stairs in a non-descript office building in the heart of the financial district, we reached a …

Cognac French 75

This weekend we went to Boulibar, a new-ish restaurant in San Francisco’s Ferry Building. On the whole it was expensive and nothing special, but I enjoyed their take on a French 75, which substitutes Cognac for Gin and with the …

The Cognac Cocktail

Early cocktails in the 1800s were mostly based on a simple formula: a base spirit, a sweetener, a sour and bitters. The old fashioned (simply just an “old fashioned whiskey cocktail”) and its many cousins are riffs on this simple …

Caroni 17

Full bodied, independent bottling of navy-style rum from Caroni, long-closed distillery on Trinidad.

Last Call

Peaty Whisky and Campari cocktail from American Bar at the Savoy in London.