Other Cocktails

We like many base spirits. Here are some of our favorite cocktails features mescal, Tequila, Grappa, and other exotic base spirits like Vodka!

Cognac French 75
This weekend we went to Boulibar, a new-ish restaurant in San Francisco’s Ferry Building. On the whole it was expensive
The Cognac Cocktail
Early cocktails in the 1800s were mostly based on a simple formula: a base spirit, a sweetener, a sour and
Cocktail with orange twist garnish
The 1831 Cocktail
Developed by Tim Laferla with the vision of becoming a "future classic". Cognac-based.
Cocktail next to a bottle and a cocktail shaker in front of a backlit bar
The Italian Copilot
All-Italian, Grappa based Spritz.
Red Eye Cocktail on top of glass surface with toothpick
Red Eye
Original cocktail from Jim Meehan designed for the Amex Centurion Lounge
Cocktail with lemon twist and flower garnish
Yard Sale
High Octane split base cocktail of rye, bourbon, and Calvados
Cocktail with leaves with several eggs in front
Review: Fick’s Cocktail Mixers
Cocktail mixers? Gotta try everything once.
Unicorn Hunter
A very boozy bourbon-based cocktail to drink while hunting for unicorns
Cocktail with star anise garnish
Blackstar – Modern Cocktail
Vodka, grapefruit - and anise. It somehow all works though! Thanks Jim Meehan.
Pepper Unicorn
A little and tequilla in this negroni