Review #121: Glengoyne 21

We liked the Glengoyne 10 so much we grabbed a bottle of its older brother. The 21 is aged in ex-sherry, and you get plenty of it on the nose and palate.

Review #118: Plantation 5 Year

Plantation hails from the island of Barbados the earliest rum producing region in the world. Today, Barbados is home to four rum distilleries: Mount Gay, the world’s oldest active rum company, West Indies Rum Distillery, Foursquare, and St. Nicholas Abbey. …

Getting Lost in the Woods

This drink comes from a bar in Lithuania, by way of /u/seanloreaux2 on Reddit. The original calls for 2 oz Oban, 0.5 oz pine infused simple syrup, 0.25 oz Fernet and 0.25 oz peated scotch (marked as optional but the more peat the merrier!)