Getting Lost in the Woods

This drink comes from a bar in Lithuania, by way of /u/seanloreaux2 on Reddit. The original calls for 2 oz Oban, 0.5 oz pine infused simple syrup, 0.25 oz Fernet and 0.25 oz peated scotch (marked as optional but the more peat the merrier!)

Mundo Perdido Cocktail

It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of Smugglers’ Cove. Our names are even displayed in the doorway of the bar as a testament to how many rums we have imbibed there.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought the fun to …

Grape and Gin Cocktail

I came across a recipe from Tamara's Table named simply "Grape and Gin" cocktail. I am usually skeptical of food bloggers' cocktails, because their cocktails tend to the low proof realm and can either be too basic or too "artsy", with no middle ground.

Smoked Julep Cocktail with Laphroaig

Those who know me, know that I love the frog aka Laphroaig. However, it’s a notoriously difficult ingredient to incorporate in cocktails because it can easily beat up the other ingredients. I came across this cocktail in the Death & …

Bikini Bottom

Pineapple goes surprisingly well with peaty scotch. This is exemplified in the super-tropical Ardbeg Drum special release whisky. Peated scotch typically evokes tasting notes of “meaty” and “bbq” and when combined with pineapple, the flavors meld into a smoked pineapple …