Distillery Articles

Area Maps

We’ve put together up to date maps of all open distilleries in Northern California and Bay Area Distilleries, covering our home turn of San Francisco and the surrounding area. We’ve tried to link to reviews, and add hours and tour information wherever possible.

We’ve also put together a distillery map for LA.

Distillery Reviews

We’ve visited dozens of distilleries in the US and Europe and written up reviews of our travels. Here are some of our favorites:

Whisky bottle next to a plant
Glendronach 21 Parliament
Glendronach 21 is the top of the distillery's core range. Aged in a combination of Pedro Ximenez (PX) and Oloroso
Redshift Cocktail
One high risk maneuver is clicking around on liquor.com for cocktail recipes and making whatever you land upon. There are
Sharingan Cocktail
Was thinking the other day: what’s the point in having so many awesome amari if I don’t make more drinks
New Best Friend
We decided to start with the Old Pal as a template and started by subbing a blend of Laphroaig and
cocktail in front of honey bottle and banana liqueur bottle
Mike’s Hot Sherry Bomb
The drink features Yoichi Single Malt, a peated Japanese malt from the famous Yoichi distillery. It also includes Pacific Rum.
What to Make with Laphroaig
We've made many peaty cocktails by now and here are the ones that we think work the best with the
Parasol (Banana Daquiri) on Fire
We originally bought Giffard’s banana liqueur solely for the purpose of making I Love Lamp, a cocktail featured in Imbibe.
Review #62: Akashi White Oak 5 Year White Wine Single Malt
This is a continuation of the series of posts on whiskies we tried in Japan. Most of the places we
Drunk Uncle Islay Cocktail
Drunk Uncle
Islay scotch and Cynar. Enough said.
Review #61: Signatory Royal Lochnagar 1991
While we were having the Port Ellen and a sherry aged Port Charlotte at our new favorite scotch bar (Campbelltoun