Rum Reviews

Plantation Panama Old Reserve
Plantation rum from Panama, aged for 10 years in ex-bourbon, and finished in ex-Cognac.
Plantation rum from the island of Fiji.ged 7 years in ex-bourbon in the tropics, and 2 years in ex-cognac in
Plantation hails from the island of Barbados the earliest rum producing region in the world. Today, Barbados is home to
We attended a virtual scotch tasting the other day, organized by Impex Beverages, Scotch Club of San Francisco, and Elixir
We tasted six Plantation rums. The Guatemalan expression is finished in Amburana, a South American wood. The dosage was also
Plantation rum bottle next to glass on busy bar
A few months back, we did a vertical tasting of Plantation, featuring six single-cask expressions from the French bottler. We
Clear bottle of rum next to glencarins
The DOK rum, clocks in with roughly 4X the ester count of Smith and Cross. It's also unaged, and 69%
Bottle of Samaroli rum next to glass of rum
Samaroli Jamaica Rhapsody is one of those bottles that rum nerds whisper about. For the uninitiated, Samaroli is an independent
Tasting notes from a vertical of six Plantation single cask releases. This was our favorite of the bunch.
Habitation Velier has been starting to bring some new, aged Jamaican rums to the states and we couldn't be happier.
Rum bottle next to rum glass in front of bartender with hat on.
Peru-distilled rum finished in Pineau des Charentes. Part of a set of blind-tastings of Plantation rums.
Drinking the last rum ration allocated for the British Imperial navy
I love Cadenhead. It was the first place I stopped off in England. I not only made a purposeful detour
It's always fun to try interesting cask finished rums, although with the exception of Foursquare, I can't say that I've
Dunder, for scotch drinkers, is slightly analogous to the rum-world equivalent of peat. Except instead of moss, it is a
We have been on a (very slow) quest to hit 300 rums each. We talked to the couple (actually in
Bottle of rum on top of metal grate
Full bodied, independent bottling of navy-style rum from Caroni, long-closed distillery on Trinidad.
Rum glass in front of rum bottle on top of bar
Review of a new Worthy Park bottle from independent Italian bottler Velier.
Rum glass in front of rum bottle next to red light
Independent bottling of a high ester Jamaican rum.
Rum Sixty Six 12 year (left) and Rum Sixty Six 6 year (right), Foursquare Distillery
Mildly aged rum from Foursquare distillery in Barbados. Tastes like an aged vodka.
Bottle of rum on top of mat at bar
Ancient Jamaican rum from a long lost distillery.
Blackberry lost in Jerez.
Rum Sixty Six 12 year (left) and Rum Sixty Six 6 year (right), Foursquare Distillery
Not saccharine but also uninteresting.