Rum Cocktails

Rums are born from sugar: fresh cut sugarcane in the case of rum agricoles like cachasa case, and molasses in the case of most other rums. To make rum, the sugar or sugary byproduct is fermented, distilled, and usually left to mature in charred oak barrels. Like most other spirits, raw, distilled rum is quite clear, only getting color from the barrel (or from artificial colors in the case of some of the cheaper rums).

Rum has a checkered past closely linked to the transatlantic slave trade. During the 17th and 18th centuries, slaves from West Africa were often shipped to South America and the to Caribbean where they were sold for cash crops like cotton, sugar, and tobacco, and for rum. Rum production started in earnest in the Caribbean in the 1600s when slaves started fermenting molasses. The first distilleries in the United States were established in 1664 in Staten Island, and in 1667 in Boston. Colonial Americans loved rum. Many believed rum could cure diseases. Colonial Americans also deeply distrusted water (rightly so), leading to an impressive, 14L annual per capita consumption. Rum was so prevalent that it was used as a bribe to encourage voting for the right candidate. In Last Call: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition, author Daniel Orkent wrote: “When twenty-four-year-old George Washington first ran for a seat in the Virginia House of Burgesses, he attributed his defeat to his failure to provide enough alcohol for the voters. When he tried again two years later, Washington floated into office partly on the 144 gallons of rum, punch, hard cider and beer his election agent handed out—roughly half a gallon for every vote he received.”

We love rum, here are some of our favorite cocktails:

cocktail in front of honey bottle and banana liqueur bottle
Mike’s Hot Sherry Bomb
The drink features Yoichi Single Malt, a peated Japanese malt from the famous Yoichi distillery. It also includes Pacific Rum.
Parasol (Banana Daquiri) on Fire
We originally bought Giffard’s banana liqueur solely for the purpose of making I Love Lamp, a cocktail featured in Imbibe.
Sedentary Banana
Tasty summery cocktail featuring peated whiskey, rum, banana liqueur, and Sherry.
Funk-groni Negroni
High octane negroni with split base between Rumfire and El Dorado
Twelve Mile Limit
Prohibition era cocktail with a triple base of rye, rum, and brandy.
Yellowish cocktail in glass with silver pick with lime garnish ontop of glass surface
Daiquiri Mark 4
The classic daiquiri with Jamaican Rum.
Small bottle next to champagne flute with lime on top containing yellow fizzy drink
Silver Daisy
A French 75 variant with the fire of Rumfire
Cocktail ontop of cutting board with lime garnish
Trelawny Daiquiri: Rum Fire Cocktail
Cocktail with powerful Jamaican rum fire, and Banana liqueur.
Heated Conversation – Rum Fire
Rum fire and fino sherry cocktail
Cocktail next to strainer with a bottle above it, shot from the top
The Scottish Pirate
A two ingredient one-two-punch
Cocktail in a long stemmed glass with a lime garnish
The classic daiquiri with Jamaican Rum.
Cocktail with a lime garnish on top of wooden plank
Cobra Verde
A grassy agricole diamondback variant by Thomas Waguh from Death & Co.
Cocktail next to bottle of Rum Fire on top of rocks in a fire pit
Fire Fire
Powerful cocktail featuring funky Jamaican rum
Cocktail sitting on map of NYC next to a small chicken
Here Be Chickens
Balanced cocktail with rum and Tequila base.
I Love Lamp
Learning to love banana liqueur
Cocktail with Tequila bottle next to it
Hearts of Iron
Dual based shrub cocktail.
Cocktail with city behind it
Fidel’s Swizzle
Cuban play on the tiki Kaiteur Swizzle
Cocktail in glass with a large ice cube and cherry on top
Next Stop Havana
Rum old fashioned using Havana Club 7
Cocktail in silver rimmed glass with lime garnish on top of cutting board
The Dark Hemingway Daiquiri
Dark rum daiquari with extra booze