Gin Cocktails

Gin: the first flavored vodka.

Gins are often defined by juniper flavors, but can often contain a bouquet of botanicals like lavender and citrus. Like vodka, gin usually starts life as fruit or grain which is fermented to 5-10% alcohol over the course of a few days. The fermented product is then distilled to raise its alcohol concentration. Most types of gin are then re-distilled in a still with a “gin basket” so flavors of the botanicals are drawn into the spirit as it passes through each section of the still.

Because of its herbal taste and the variety of infusions possible, gin is a workhorse as a base spirit for cocktails, and has been for centuries.

Gin is incredibly fun to make cocktails with, and with the variety of new gins being introduced (including some barrel-aged gin expressions), the possibilities are endless. Some of favorite gin recipes are:

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