Gin Cocktails

Gin: the first flavored vodka.

Gins are often defined by juniper flavors, but can often contain a bouquet of botanicals like lavender and citrus. Like vodka, gin usually starts life as fruit or grain which is fermented to 5-10% alcohol over the course of a few days. The fermented product is then distilled to raise its alcohol concentration. Most types of gin are then re-distilled in a still with a “gin basket” so flavors of the botanicals are drawn into the spirit as it passes through each section of the still.

Because of its herbal taste and the variety of infusions possible, gin is a workhorse as a base spirit for cocktails, and has been for centuries.

Gin is incredibly fun to make cocktails with, and with the variety of new gins being introduced (including some barrel-aged gin expressions), the possibilities are endless. Some of favorite gin recipes are:

New Best Friend
We decided to start with the Old Pal as a template and started by subbing a blend of Laphroaig and
cocktail in front of honey bottle and banana liqueur bottle
Mike’s Hot Sherry Bomb
The drink features Yoichi Single Malt, a peated Japanese malt from the famous Yoichi distillery. It also includes Pacific Rum.
What to Make with Laphroaig
We've made many peaty cocktails by now and here are the ones that we think work the best with the
Parasol (Banana Daquiri) on Fire
We originally bought Giffard’s banana liqueur solely for the purpose of making I Love Lamp, a cocktail featured in Imbibe.
Review #62: Akashi White Oak 5 Year White Wine Single Malt
This is a continuation of the series of posts on whiskies we tried in Japan. Most of the places we
Drunk Uncle Islay Cocktail
Drunk Uncle
Islay scotch and Cynar. Enough said.
Review #61: Signatory Royal Lochnagar 1991
While we were having the Port Ellen and a sherry aged Port Charlotte at our new favorite scotch bar (Campbelltoun
Review #60: Ichiro Malt Chichibu
We wrote about Bar High Five during our last trip to Japan. It remains my favorite of the excellent Ginza
Review #59: Rona’s Cask Port Charlotte 13 Year
This continues our series of whisky reviews that we wrote while touring some of the best scotch bars we have
Review #58: Golden Cask Port Ellen
This starts a series of whisky reviews we started while we were in Tokyo and Osaka, which have some of
Sedentary Banana
Tasty summery cocktail featuring peated whiskey, rum, banana liqueur, and Sherry.
Rum Review #12: Black Tot
Drinking the last rum ration allocated for the British Imperial navy
Douglas Cocktail
Peaty cocktail featuring Lagavulin 16 from L’Abbattoir
Rum Review #11: Cadenhead SFJE Monymusk 14
I love Cadenhead. It was the first place I stopped off in England. I not only made a purposeful detour
Rum Review #10: Angostura No. 1 Oloroso Sherry
It’s always fun to try interesting cask finished rums, although with the exception of Foursquare, I can’t say that I’ve
Rum Review #9: Faultline Jamaican 16
Dunder, for scotch drinkers, is slightly analogous to the rum-world equivalent of peat. Except instead of moss, it is a
Review #57: Laphroaig Distillery Exclusive (2005 Bourbon to PX Cask)
As mentioned in Review #56 (Laphroaig 2011 Oloroso Sherry Cask from the distillery), we are now siphoning off the distillery
Rum Review #8: Uruapan Agricole Rum
After joining the Rumbustion Society at Smuggler’s Cove, we have been on a (very slow) quest to hit 300 rums
Review #56: Laphroaig Distillery Exclusive (Oloroso Sherry 2011)
Back during our 2018 Thanksgiving break (end of November for non-Americans), we went to Islay in Scotland and visited the
Funk-groni Negroni
High octane negroni with split base between Rumfire and El Dorado
Review #55: Bowmore 18
We’re always on the hunt for difficult-to-procure bottles, but the Bowmore 18 is broadly available, if a little expensive. But
Highland Park Full Volume
Review #54: Highland Park Full Volume
At some point, we should write up a long post on Highland Park because it is massively popular at our
Cocktail being poured into glass
Ajax Cocktail
Genever based cocktail from Romanian bartender Calin Ioniciu.
Wayward Rye
Review #53: Wayward Rye Whiskey
Along with our tasting of Thomas H Handy at Interval Long Now (we rated it 9/10 for a $20 pour),
Thomas H Handy 2017
Review #52: Thomas H Handy Sazerac 2017
We have been meaning to go to Interval at Long Now (tucked away in Fort Mason) in San Francisco for
Review #51: Exclusive Malts Cooley 13
While it is certainly less expensive to make cocktails or drink the whisky we have acquired, sometimes it’s fun to
It’s Negroni week 2019 in San Francisco! A veritable Christmas for lovers of the best cocktail out there in which
Drinking at Dead Rabbit New York: Part 3
Intro: This is part 3 of the 3-part series of Dead Rabbit, which has been extensively ahem, researched over the
Review #50: St. George 35th Anniversary
For our 50th whisk(e)y review, we wanted to review something very personal. We live near the St. George distillery in
Bright pink drink with ice and a lime wheel garnish
Prickly Tequila
Bright pink, Mexican inspired cocktail with Tequila and Prickly Pear Syrup.
Review #49: Laphroaig Triple Wood
Laphroaig was my gateway whisky – and also the way I discovered that I unequivocably love peat. We have been
Cocktail in front of a mirror with a lemon garnish, the mirror reflects the cocktail
Cocktails to Make with Cognac
What cocktails should you make with cognac? These are our top picks.
Blood & More Blood
One of the most famous scotch cocktails is the Blood and Sand. But to be quite honest, I’ve always found
Tire Fire Whiskey
Review #48: Tire Fire
This is our fifth and final review of the 5 whiskies we tried at the ASW Distillery in Atlanta, Georgia.
ASW Burns Night
Review #47: ASW Burns Night
This is our fourth review (out of 5) on whiskies released by ASW Distillery (Atlanta, Georgia). We originally visited Atlanta
Duality Double Malt ASW
Review #46: ASW Duality Double Malt
This is part 3 of our 5-post series on ASW Distillery located in Atlanta, Georgia. We originally visited Atlanta to
ASW Resurgens Rye
Review #45: ASW Resurgens Rye
As we mentioned in our previous post on ASW’s Fiddler Unison Bourbon (batch 4), we visited the gorgeous ASW tasting
Fiddler Unison Bourbon
Review #44: ASW Fiddler Unison Bourbon Batch 4
We recently visited the tasting room at ASW distillery in the heart of Atlanta, which to our delight, focuses exclusively
Bottle of Irish whiskey next to tasting glass.
Review #43: Lambay Whiskey Small Batch Blend
Unremarkable non-age statement Irish whiskey finished in Cognac casks.
Aperol Spritzmenot
The recent New York Times article on the Aperol Spritz has driven a wedge through our household. One of us
Review #42: Archives 15 Orkney Highland Park
Single cask release from the Whisky Archives group. Bottling of a 15 year old Highalnd Park (Orkney) whisky with strong
Review #41: Port Charlotte MC:01 Marsala Cask
This is the third review of our 4-bottle Port Charlotte vertical tasting with a variety of cask maturations. The first
Review #40: Port Charlotte 2007 CC:01 Cognac Cask
This is the second review of our 4-bottle Port Charlotte vertical tasting with a variety of cask maturations. The first
Review #39: Aberlour 12
Last week we went to a lecture and vertical tasting of Aberlour led by Brand Ambassador Callum O’Donnell. After climbing
Abelour warehouse
Aberlour Distillery Tour
Our trip to Aberlour distillery in Speyside and their tasting.
Drinking at Dead Rabbit New York: Part 2
What to drink (and where to drink) at Dead Rabbit
Cognac French 75
This weekend we went to Boulibar, a new-ish restaurant in San Francisco’s Ferry Building. On the whole it was expensive
The Cognac Cocktail
Early cocktails in the 1800s were mostly based on a simple formula: a base spirit, a sweetener, a sour and
Drinking at Dead Rabbit New York: Part 1
A meticulously researched review on one of the top bars in the world
Review #38: Port Charlotte Scottish Barley Heavily Peated 2007
Our trip to the Bruichladdich distillery ended with the acquisition of our prized possession: a Valinch distillery-exclusive 500 ml bottle
Poorer Man’s Pappy van Winkle
What to do when you can't afford Weller
Cocktail topped with lime wedge garnish
Far Eastern Nitro Gimlet
Recipe for a gin gimlet with lime cordial. Making lime cordial is easy and straightforward.
Review #37: 2bar Spirits Bourbon
We showed up to this distillery soaking wet, after running through the Seattle rain from Westland Distillery. 2bar didn’t look
Crocodile Slipper
Original cocktail featuring Amer Picon, Jamaican rum, Green Chartreuse and banana liqueur.
Review #36: Old Malt Cask – Ben Nevis 21
I can't put my finger on what went wrong. But something went terribly wrong and the distillery sold off the
Cocktail with orange twist garnish
The 1831 Cocktail
Developed by Tim Laferla with the vision of becoming a "future classic". Cognac-based.
Review #35: Hepburn’s Choice John Maccrae 26 Year (Teaspooned Balvenie)
This was our first teaspooned cask purchase. Teaspooning is a common practice for many distilleries to change a single malt
Review #34: Bruichladdich Classic Laddie 2007
A great dram and really helps me understand why I love the peated Port Charlotte bottlings so much. 
Haribo Old Fashioned
One day, while talking to my Jiu Jitsu coach (Kurt Osiander) about one of our shared favorite past-times: alcohol, he
Review #33: Bruichladdich Islay Barley 2007 from Wee Laddie Tasting Set
Good – but I prefer the Scottish barley (Classic Laddie), which has a lot more complexity and salinity. I also
Whisky Tasting at Cadenhead’s London UK
Review of Cadenhead's London UK store
Amer Picon Japanese Boulevardier
Using Amer Picon in negroni-style cocktails and Japanese whisky
Where to Drink Whisky in London: Milroy’s of Soho
Milroy's of Soho offers an exceptional selection of whiskies at a very reasonable price. The bartenders will gladly help guide
Review #32: Mossburn Speyside
When Mossburn debuted their blended malt offerings (one Island one and one Speyside one), it took a lot of restraint
Bottle of rum on top of metal grate
Rum Review #7: Caroni 17
Full bodied, independent bottling of navy-style rum from Caroni, long-closed distillery on Trinidad.
Cocktail on top of plate next to magazine
Last Call
Peaty Whisky and Campari cocktail from American Bar at the Savoy in London.
Rum glass in front of rum bottle on top of bar
Rum Review #6: Habitation Velier Worthy Park 2007
Review of a new Worthy Park bottle from independent Italian bottler Velier.
Whisky bottle with glass of whisky in front and stones behind
Review #31: Ardbeg Drum Committee
Review of Ardbeg's newest Drum Committee release from the 2019 Feis Islay festival. Delicious, albeit expensive, whisky.
Rum glass in front of rum bottle next to red light
Rum Review #5: Habitation Velier Forsyths Worthy Park 2005
Independent bottling of a high ester Jamaican rum.
Whisky bottle behind glass in front of backlit bar
Review #30: J.H. Cutter A. No 1 Whisky
American whisky made of a blend of Kentucky Bourbon and San Francisco distilled Rye. Lots of Rye and port influences
Rum Sixty Six 12 year (left) and Rum Sixty Six 6 year (right), Foursquare Distillery
Rum Review #1: Rum SixtySix Barbados Foursquare Cask 6 Year
Mildly aged rum from Foursquare distillery in Barbados. Tastes like an aged vodka.
Whiskies of the World San Francisco Recap
Every year, Whiskies of the World happens around the country – stopping off at Austin, San Francisco, San Jose, Dallas,
Bottle of Yamazaki 12 whisky with a glass containing whisky in front of it and stones behind
Review #29: Yamazaki 12
Well balanced, sherried whisky from the heart of Japan. Great combination of flavors with nothing out of balance.
Glass of whisky in front of bottle of Clynelish
Review #28: Clynelish 16 Signatory
Founded in 1819, Clynelish is one of Diageo’s workhorse distilleries, churning out malt that’s blended into their Johnnie Walker range.
Whisky bottle next to pour of whisky
Review #27 – Signatory Cask Strength Port Dundas 22 Year
Signatory Port Dundas is an ancient grain whisky from a long closed distillery. Port Dundas used to be in Glasgow
Smoother than a Horse on Skates
Bourbon-based cocktail from Nova Scotia with Lillet Blanc
Twelve Mile Limit
Prohibition era cocktail with a triple base of rye, rum, and brandy.
Whisky in glass next to bottle
Review #26: Aberlour 24 Cadenhead
It's weird, but effervescent is an apt description for this one. Must try for lovers of Abelour.
Bottle of rum on top of mat at bar
Rum Review #4: Monoplane Jamaican Rum 1960s
Ancient Jamaican rum from a long lost distillery.
Yellowish cocktail in glass with silver pick with lime garnish ontop of glass surface
Daiquiri Mark 4
The classic daiquiri with Jamaican Rum.
Glass of whisky in front of whisky bottle next to water glass
Review #25: Amrut Naarangi
Indian single malt whisky with strong orange notes. 7/10, worth checking out.
The Louboutin Cocktail
We named this the louboutin cocktail because we recently visited Saison – the 3-starred Michelin restaurant best known for having
Cocktail next to a bottle and a cocktail shaker in front of a backlit bar
The Italian Copilot
All-Italian, Grappa based Spritz.
Red Eye Cocktail on top of glass surface with toothpick
Red Eye
Original cocktail from Jim Meehan designed for the Amex Centurion Lounge
Cocktail with lemon twist and flower garnish
Yard Sale
High Octane split base cocktail of rye, bourbon, and Calvados
Rum Review #3: Ron Navazos Palazzi 15
Blackberry lost in Jerez.
Glass of whisky in front of bottle of whisky with backlit bar behind
Review #24: EH Taylor Small Batch
Hot and peppery chocolate bourbon
Glass filled with orange liquid next to book reading The Modern Life of Plants
Dandelyan – London
Interesting plant-based menu. Good cocktails but a bit more like an upscale hotel bar than a destination.
Lagavulin Vertical Tasting: Which Lagavulin Bottling is the Best?
Vertical tasting of multiple Lagavulin bottles to determine our favorites
Glencarins glass filled with Whisky next to tiny bottle with building behind
Review #22: Tamdhu 1980
A once in a lifetime chance. “Orange silk on a leather couch
Several leather couches in front of beautiful, multi level bar with art on the walls and a painted cieling
Top 3 Cocktail Bars in Singapore for Dates
Our take on Singapore's Top 5 Bars in 2019
Ichor and Glass
Blood and Sand but better. Way better.
Sfumato Cocktail
Sfumato and rye-based boozy cocktail
Wicked Behavior Cocktail
Bourbon tiki-like cocktail
Bar with two bartenders and hundreds of bottles with one couple sitting at the bar.
American Bar at the Savoy – London
Steeped in tradition. A seat at the actual bar would be amazing, but we didn’t get one.
SMWS - A Sunny Day in Late Summer 64.97
Review #20: SMWS – A Sunny Day in Late Summer
Fun and Fruity Hookah. 9 Year Old Scotch Malt Whisky Society Cask Strength Whisky Review.
white bottle next to half full glass of whisky
Review #19: Johnnie Walker – White Walker GoT Diageo
I’d rather take the black. Johnny Walker Black that is.
Black Walnut Manhattan
American classic with an Austrian twist.
Peaty Punch
Clarified Peat Punch
Peaty twist on a clarified milk cocktail.
Rum Sixty Six 12 year (left) and Rum Sixty Six 6 year (right), Foursquare Distillery
Rum #2: Rum SixtySix Barbados Foursquare Cask 12 Year
Not saccharine but also uninteresting.
Several white barns with red doors and barrels that spell out welcome
Edradour Distillery – 90 Minutes from Glasgow and Edinburgh
Edradour distillery, close to Edinburgh and Glasgow, wonderful whisky.
Exclusive Malts Isle of Islay (left) and Lagavulin 16 (right). Darker color on the Exclusive Malts because of the pure sherry cask.
Review #18: Exclusive Malts – Isle of Islay
“Port Ellen Movie Theater” - a beautiful peat-and-sherry bomb
Ice cube with sprig in glass with clear cocktail on white placemat
Clarified Gin Milk Punch
Classic clarified gin milk cocktail.
Two bottles of Whisky with two glasses in between and a bar behind.
Review #17: Lagavulin 2018 Feis
Tasting Notes for Lagavulin 2018 Feis (18 year old)
Slope roof building with reflections on top of a hill
Macallan Distillery
Macallan Distillery’s Six Pillars tour and tasting
Two bottles next to each other with glasses between in front of a backlit bar.
Review #16: Lagavulin Distiller’s Edition 2017
Tasting Notes for 4/506 Batch of Lagavulin Distiller’s Edition 2017
Whisky bottle next to whisky glass in front of globe and copper still
Review #15: Purgeist Bavarian Hop
Pur Geist (Purgeist) Bavarian Hop Flavored Whisky Review
Four bottles of whisky in front of one glass of whisky
Review #14: Lagavulin 16
We review the classic, balanced Lagavulin 16 Whisky
Review #13: Fukano 2018
Fukano (“Impossible”) 2018 Edition Review. Fukano produces aged shochu (rice based spirit with Koji mold). NAS whisky.
Bartender in front of bar with many bottles
Gibson Bar – London
One of the best bars we have ever been to (and we’ve been to many)
Two bartenders facing in opposite directions in front of a small darkly lit bar with an overhead light
Bar Termini, London
Ambiance-driven rather than Mixology-driven. One of the Top 50 World’s Best Bars
Bottle of whisky next to glass filled with whisky with large building behind it
Review #12: Kaiyo Mizunara Oak
Certainly not one of the world's great whiskies. Flash aged white dog.
Cocktail with leaves with several eggs in front
Review: Fick’s Cocktail Mixers
Cocktail mixers? Gotta try everything once.
Whisky bottle behind whisky glass
Review #11: Amrut Fusion
Orange and mango creamsicle
Cocktail in short glass with lemon wedge ontop of blue and black checkered cloth, next to whisky bottle
Bitter Scotsman
Peaty whisky cocktail with some sweet and spice notes
Woman in front of wall next to Lagavulin sign with buildings behind
Lagavulin Distillery and Sensory Tour
Our trip to Lagavulin for the Sensory Tour
Review #10: Glenmorangie Signet
Charlie and the Malt Factory
Seaside warehouse
Laphroaig Distillery
A review of our Laphroaig Distillery tour and tasting
Four barrels with blue tops in front of more barrels
Bruichladdich Warehouse Tour
A review of our Bruichladdich Warehouse tour - Highly recommend
Small glass next to small bottle ontop of table
Zemurray Cocktail
Banana and whiskey class from New Orleans
Small bottle next to champagne flute with lime on top containing yellow fizzy drink
Silver Daisy
A French 75 variant with the fire of Rumfire
Unicorn Hunter
A very boozy bourbon-based cocktail to drink while hunting for unicorns
Whisky bottle next to glass in front of several clear bottles
Review #9: St. George Baller
Smokey Bear the Pyromaniac
Bitter Giuseppe
Giuseppe must have been a really bitter bastard. I like him.
Cocktail ontop of cutting board with lime garnish
Trelawny Daiquiri: Rum Fire Cocktail
Cocktail with powerful Jamaican rum fire, and Banana liqueur.
Several people talking in front of wall
Splurge-worthy Whiskies with Sir James Forbes Event
Exciting upcoming event in Napa Valley
Review #7: Glengoyne 10 Year
Like a loaf of bread. Impulse buy gone very well.
Glass topped with cranberries next to bowl of brown colored liquid
Da Vinci Punch
Falernum and IPA based fall punch.
Cocktail with star anise garnish
Blackstar – Modern Cocktail
Vodka, grapefruit - and anise. It somehow all works though! Thanks Jim Meehan.
Whisky glass next to bottle on busy bar with lighting behind
Review #6: Glenmorangie Lasanta
Alcoholic oatmeal raisin cookie
Whisky glass next to green bottle in front of well lit bar
Review #5: SMWS Dark Side of the Melon
Not representative of how good SMWS can be.
Cocktail in front of bottle of whisky and two plants
Exene Bourbon Cocktail
Gateway Bourbon cocktail, gets you hooked on the oaky American stuff.
Perfect Rob Roy Sherry Cocktail
For Sherry Week, we are doing a Perfect Rob Roy with PX Sherry.
Whisky glass next to many whisky bottles
Review #4: AD Rattray Cask Islay
Tastes likes it noses. There’s a light bandage component weaved in with honeysuckle, cantaloupe, and lemon. The taste is rather
Cocktail with lemon twist garnish
Revolver Cocktail
Straightforward 3-ingredient cocktail from Prizefighter in Emeryville
Whisky next to glass reflected in mirror
Review #3: Flaming Heart 2015 – Compass Box Whisky Review
Review of the 2015 15th anniversary Flaming Heart limited edition by Compass Box
Cocktail with cherry tomato garnish
Peaty drink with scotch and tomato.
Heated Conversation – Rum Fire
Rum fire and fino sherry cocktail
Two arms holding rum bottles
California Rum Festival 2018
Review of San Francisco’s annual rum festival
Pepper Unicorn
A little and tequilla in this negroni
Many jars in front of bar with many bottles behind it
Shrubs Cocktail Vinegar Tonics
The unholy alliance of vinegar, fruit, and sugar.
Bottle of Whisky with several bottles behind it, backlit
Review #2: Samaroli 2008
A complex dram that changes through each sip
Several stills and bottles in front of bar
Tripp Distillery
A one-man show well worth the short ride from SF
Cocktail in front of a mirror with a lemon garnish, the mirror reflects the cocktail
Japanese Cocktail
Historical cocktail with cognac and orgeat.
Cocktail next to strainer with a bottle above it, shot from the top
The Scottish Pirate
A two ingredient one-two-punch
Several bottles of whiskey backlit
Review #1: Clynelish 14
Dessert and orange marmalade. Creamy.
Two women next to a man in a black shirt in front of a sign
All About Vermouths
With Roberta Mariana on Martini & Rosso’s newest vermouths
Man next to a woman with a painting behind them
Interview: Dave Pickerell, Distilling Savant
Master Distiller at Whistlepig
Cocktail next to a bottle of Lagavulin and a Hawthorne strainer
Islay Rob Roy
The classic - with a peaty Lagavulin 16 base
Busy cocktail bar with several bartenders in white and many bottles on the shelf behind them
Tales of the Cocktail Recap
Update from visiting Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans
Cocktail in a long stemmed glass with a lime garnish
The classic daiquiri with Jamaican Rum.
Cocktail next to bottle of Bols Genevere
Golden Tuxedo
Rich malty cocktail with raisin notes
Cocktail with a lime garnish on top of wooden plank
Cobra Verde
A grassy agricole diamondback variant by Thomas Waguh from Death & Co.
Bartender with his back turned in front of many bottles
Dante – New York City
#16 of the World’s Top 50 Bars
Cocktail with a light behind it and a menu to the right
Deliciously balanced mescal and Tequila based drink.
Cocktail next to bottle of Campari
Dante’s Unlikely Negroni
Dante’s tropical Negroni with flavors of Thailand.
Busy bar with people in front of it, lit from the top with several booths in front of it
Eastern Standard – Boston
Tales of the Cocktail: 2012 Best American High Volume Cocktail Bar winner
Trick Dog – San Francisco
Tales of the Cocktail: Best American Cocktail Bar nominee
Bar with bee like texture and about a hundred identically labelled bottles
Operation Dagger Singapore
#24 of World’s 50 Best Bars
Bright bar with several bottles hanging from an open cieling
Tippling Club Singapore
#31 of the World’s 50 Best Bars
Bar with many bottles backlit with several people in front
Manhattan Singapore
#7 of World's 50 Best Bars
Beautiful bar in the center going up to the ceiling with light coming in from windows on all sides
Atlas Singapore
#15 of the World's Top Bars
Cocktail in prism topped with ants with another orange cocktail behind it to the left
Where to drink in Mexico City
Review of the 2 top bars in Mexico
Cocktail with two large bottles behind it and one small bottle to the left
Straits Sling
Drier precursor to the Singapore Sling.
Sign with booths on the left and right of it
2018 San Antonio Cocktail Conference
Visiting the San Antonio Cocktail Conference
Bar with many bottles on the walls behind it.
Where to Drink in Austin
An oasis for the cocktail enthusiast in the land of dive bars
Cocktail Robot next to set of blue bottles
Cocktail Robot Competition
Robot bartenders compete to make the best cocktails.
Cocktail next to bottle of Rum Fire on top of rocks in a fire pit
Fire Fire
Powerful cocktail featuring funky Jamaican rum
Bartender lighting cocktail on fire
SRO – uniquely San Francisco
San Francisco cocktail bar which never makes the same drink twice.
Cocktail sitting on map of NYC next to a small chicken
Here Be Chickens
Balanced cocktail with rum and Tequila base.
I Love Lamp
Learning to love banana liqueur
Cocktail with a long stem in front of bottle of liqueur
Lion and the Rose
Supremely simple, delicious cocktail
Cocktail on blue coaster next to coaster and two celery sticks
Celery Gimlet
Lovechild of a gimlet and Bloody Mary
Busy bar top with many bottles behind it
Japan: Part 3 – Osaka
Rogin's Tavern is a legendary whiskey bar in Osaka.
Cocktail in front of a bottle of Green Chartreuse and a bottle of Laphroaig
Laphroaig Project
Laphroaig based riff on the last word
Cocktail on a busy bar with a bar behind it
Rooh – San Francisco
Creative, Indian-inspired bar program
Friday Cynar Negroni
This bitter Negroni is the best way to jump start the weekend
Cocktail with blurred bartenders behind it and several bottles of liquor
Japan: Part 1 – Ginza, Tokyo
Review of bars in the center of Tokyo
Reddish drink in cocktail glass with red paper airplane on top of it
Paper Kamikaze
Balanced modern sour with Bourbon and Campari
Cocktail sitting on mat with dimly lit bar behind
Japan: Part 2 – Ebisu, Tokyo
This is part 2 of a now 3 part series on our drinking adventures in Japan. You can find Part
Tea mug filled with reddish liquid with coffee beans in front of it on top of cutting board
Woken Cadaver
Coffee, cacao, and amaro cocktail from Saskatoon.
Pink cocktail with lime twist in front of a lamp
Lovely Bunch of Pink Coconuts
Twin vodkas make a lovely pink cocktail
Cocktail with lemon twist in the middle against gold and blue backdrop
Attention Cocktail
1915 classic remade with reasonable proportions.
Cocktail with lime wheel garnish in front of 2 passports
The Islay Word
A Laphroiag cocktail that is shockingly well-balanced
Girl wearing a Santa hat pouring a drink
Drinking in Cuba – Havana
Part 2 of 2 in Havana, Cuba
Two people talking with industrial equipment behind them
Hawaiian Shochu Company
Our visit to the very traditional Hawaiian Shochu Company
Three people next to stills
KoHana Rum Distillery Tasting and Tour
Hawaiian agricole rum distillery with emphasis on sustainability
Famous Hemingway Statue in Havana Bar
Drinking in Cuba – Varadero
Part 1 of 2 in Varadero, Cuba
The Golden Compass
Delicious post-Indian digestif
Cocktail next to Tequila bottle and carrot
A Quarter Carrot
Tequilla and carrot based cocktail with a little kick.
Walk through the Woods
Winter cocktail with Apple Schnapps, Cinnamon and Amaro.
Busy bar with latter and many guests at bar
Hard Water – San Francisco
American Whiskey focused bar
Impossible to pronounce gin based tiki drink
Cocktail in front of Pisco bottle next to orange
Foreign National
Fall cocktail with Pisco, Campari, and Orange.
Orange cocktail next to gin bottle with blue label with buildings behind
The Aftershock
Cocktail featuring faultline and coffee liquor.
Cocktail next to a piece of ginger on top of print with Chinese characters
Domaine de Canton Ginger Negroni
Italian classic with a drop of China.
Joining the Rumbustion Society
Smuggler's Cove’s secret society continued
Cocktail with lime garnish and beautiful view
Belly Flop
Spirit forward cocktail with terroir gin
Cocktail with Tequila bottle next to it
Hearts of Iron
Dual based shrub cocktail.
Liquid Therapy
Brandy sour with trio of fruit flavors
Interior of bar with different color lighting
Smugglers of the Cove – Disciples of the Cove
Review of the rum education program
Cocktail with city behind it
Fidel’s Swizzle
Cuban play on the tiki Kaiteur Swizzle
Cocktail in glass with silver rim with two bottles of liquor behind
Final Ward
Last Word with Whiskey from Phil Ward
Green Ghost cocktail with lime garnish on multi colored surface
Green Ghost Cocktail
Flavor to Match the Beauty
Cocktail sitting in tray with lemon garnish
Green Hat Cocktail
Old Fashioned Variant with Green Chartreuse and Rye.
Cocktail with a dark bottle behind it to the right and a red topped bottle behind it to the left
Shimmering, Strong Cocktail Featuring Green Chartreuse
Green cocktail next to a lime and next to a bottle of Green Chartreuse VEP
Last Word
Nearly lost, prohibition era cocktail
Cocktail next to 2 bottles
Benjamin Franklin inspired cocktail. Happy Independence Day!
Pink cocktail with a lemon garnish next to a bottle of St. George Raspberry Brandy
Drunken Raspberry
Refreshing Summer Drink with Raspberry
Three stills in a warehouse
St George’s Distillery
Mad scientists of alcohol
Cocktail in glass with a large ice cube and cherry on top
Next Stop Havana
Rum old fashioned using Havana Club 7
Front of a warehouse building named Seven Stills
Seven Stills Distillery
San Francisco small batch craft distillery review
Cocktail in silver rimmed glass with lime garnish on top of cutting board
The Dark Hemingway Daiquiri
Dark rum daiquari with extra booze
Champagne glass with bubbles on top on marble
The French 75
Champagne cocktail that packs a powerful punch
Cocktail with lime garnish
The Aviation Cocktail
Pre-prohibition era masterpiece
Cocktail in glass with large ice cube and three cherries on top
Ultra boozy and light on chartreuse
Bufula Negra Cocktail next to bottle of Russel's Reserve
Bufula Negra
Whiskey cocktail with a balsamic note
Set of three Tequila bottles with Tequila in glasses in front
Tommy’s Mexican in San Francisco
Trip to Tommy's Mexican Restaurant in San Francisco
Foxy Bay Cocktail next to sake bottle and vodka mini bottle
Foxy Bay
Saketini with Ice Fox vodka and Sho Chiku Bai sake, created for Mixology Monday
Old Fashioned Cocktail Picture
Old Fashioned
Classic boozy whiskey drink