Spirit Reviews

We love writing about spirits. While we’ve had hundreds of rums, as of March 2019 we’ve just started formally reviewing them, and you can find our catalog of rum reviews, and history about the spirit in our Rum Reviews section.

We’ve picked up the pace on whisky reviews, and have amassed a small arsenal of reviews. You can also learn more about our spirit tasting and review process. Some of our favorites recently have been from the Scotch Malt Whisky Society (SMWS), so we put together a comprehensive guide to SMWS bottle numbers, because a lot of the other ones we found weren’t up to date and were missing things.

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I make little secret of my love for sherried whiskies. There are few things I appreciate more than a monster
The Nikka Coffey Malt comes from Suntory's Miyagikyo distillery outside Sendai Japan. Coffey Malt is one of the few 100%
cocktail with a long stem in front of bananas and green plant
Plantains are never the stars of the show. The starchy cooking bananas are a lot like the malt that makes
Nikka Coffey Gin comes from the same massive Coffey stills that are used to make some of the company's grain
We liked the Glengoyne 10 so much we grabbed a bottle of its older brother. The 21 is aged in
Plantation Panama Old Reserve
Plantation rum from Panama, aged for 10 years in ex-bourbon, and finished in ex-Cognac.
The Last Rites is only lightly sweet, and has that indescribable funk from passionfruit.
Plantation rum from the island of Fiji.ged 7 years in ex-bourbon in the tropics, and 2 years in ex-cognac in
Plantation hails from the island of Barbados the earliest rum producing region in the world. Today, Barbados is home to
4/10. Nose: Smoke, banana bread, pink, short lived bubble gum that you get at a ballpark.  Palate: Honey, astringently oaky,