Spirit Reviews

We love writing about spirits. While we’ve had hundreds of rums, as of March 2019 we’ve just started formally reviewing them, and you can find our catalog of rum reviews, and history about the spirit in our Rum Reviews section.

We’ve picked up the pace on whisky reviews, and have amassed a small arsenal of reviews. You can also learn more about our spirit tasting and review process. Some of our favorites recently have been from the Scotch Malt Whisky Society (SMWS), so we put together a comprehensive guide to SMWS bottle numbers, because a lot of the other ones we found weren’t up to date and were missing things.

We accept Rum and Whisky samples and you can learn more about how to reach us on our contact us page.

Review #32: Mossburn Speyside
When Mossburn debuted their blended malt offerings (one Island one and one Speyside one), it took a lot of restraint
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Bottle of rum on top of metal grate
Caroni 17
Full bodied, independent bottling of navy-style rum from Caroni, long-closed distillery on Trinidad.
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Rum glass in front of rum bottle on top of bar
Rum Review #6: Habitation Velier Worthy Park 2007
Review of a new Worthy Park bottle from independent Italian bottler Velier.
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Whisky bottle with glass of whisky in front and stones behind
Review #31: Ardbeg Drum Committee
Review of Ardbeg's newest Drum Committee release from the 2019 Feis Islay festival. Delicious, albeit expensive, whisky.
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Rum glass in front of rum bottle next to red light
Rum Review #5: Habitation Velier Forsyths Worthy Park 2005
Independent bottling of a high ester Jamaican rum.
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Whisky bottle behind glass in front of backlit bar
Review #30: J.H. Cutter A. No 1 Whisky
American whisky made of a blend of Kentucky Bourbon and San Francisco distilled Rye. Lots of Rye and port influences
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Rum Sixty Six 12 year (left) and Rum Sixty Six 6 year (right), Foursquare Distillery
Rum Review #1: Rum SixtySix Barbados Foursquare Cask 6 Year
Mildly aged rum from Foursquare distillery in Barbados. Tastes like an aged vodka.
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Bottle of Yamazaki 12 whisky with a glass containing whisky in front of it and stones behind
Review #29: Yamazaki 12
Well balanced, sherried whisky from the heart of Japan. Great combination of flavors with nothing out of balance.
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Glass of whisky in front of bottle of Clynelish
Review #28: Clynelish 16 Signatory
Founded in 1819, Clynelish is one of Diageo’s workhorse distilleries, churning out malt that’s blended into their Johnnie Walker range.
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Whisky bottle next to pour of whisky
Review #27 – Signatory Cask Strength Port Dundas 22 Year
Signatory Port Dundas is an ancient grain whisky from a long closed distillery. Port Dundas used to be in Glasgow
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