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We love writing about spirits. While we’ve had hundreds of rums, as of March 2019 we’ve just started formally reviewing them, and you can find our catalog of rum reviews, and history about the spirit in our Rum Reviews section.

We’ve picked up the pace on whisky reviews, and have amassed a small arsenal of reviews. You can also learn more about our spirit tasting and review process. Some of our favorites recently have been from the Scotch Malt Whisky Society (SMWS), so we put together a comprehensive guide to SMWS bottle numbers, because a lot of the other ones we found weren’t up to date and were missing things.

We accept Rum and Whisky samples and you can learn more about how to reach us on our contact us page.

Review #49: Laphroaig Triple Wood
Laphroaig was my gateway whisky – and also the way I discovered that I unequivocably love peat. We have been
Cocktail in front of a mirror with a lemon garnish, the mirror reflects the cocktail
Cocktails to Make with Cognac
What cocktails should you make with cognac? These are our top picks.
Blood & More Blood
One of the most famous scotch cocktails is the Blood and Sand. But to be quite honest, I’ve always found
Tire Fire Whiskey
Review #48: Tire Fire
This is our fifth and final review of the 5 whiskies we tried at the ASW Distillery in Atlanta, Georgia.
ASW Burns Night
Review #47: ASW Burns Night
This is our fourth review (out of 5) on whiskies released by ASW Distillery (Atlanta, Georgia). We originally visited Atlanta
Duality Double Malt ASW
Review #46: ASW Duality Double Malt
This is part 3 of our 5-post series on ASW Distillery located in Atlanta, Georgia. We originally visited Atlanta to
ASW Resurgens Rye
Review #45: ASW Resurgens Rye
As we mentioned in our previous post on ASW’s Fiddler Unison Bourbon (batch 4), we visited the gorgeous ASW tasting
Fiddler Unison Bourbon
Review #44: ASW Fiddler Unison Bourbon Batch 4
We recently visited the tasting room at ASW distillery in the heart of Atlanta, which to our delight, focuses exclusively
Bottle of Irish whiskey next to tasting glass.
Review #43: Lambay Whiskey Small Batch Blend
Unremarkable non-age statement Irish whiskey finished in Cognac casks.
Aperol Spritzmenot
The recent New York Times article on the Aperol Spritz has driven a wedge through our household. One of us