Spirit Reviews

We love writing about spirits. While we’ve had hundreds of rums, as of March 2019 we’ve just started formally reviewing them, and you can find our catalog of rum reviews, and history about the spirit in our Rum Reviews section.

We’ve picked up the pace on whisky reviews, and have amassed a small arsenal of reviews. You can also learn more about our spirit tasting and review process. Some of our favorites recently have been from the Scotch Malt Whisky Society (SMWS), so we put together a comprehensive guide to SMWS bottle numbers, because a lot of the other ones we found weren’t up to date and were missing things.

We accept Rum and Whisky samples and you can learn more about how to reach us on our contact us page.

Image of whisky and wisky drinking glass
Review #92: Glenallechie 10 Cask Strength
GlenAllechie reopened in 1985, and went independent in 2017. The 2018 releases we tasted were the first released since their
Review #91: Plantation Single Cask 2 Guatemala XO Review
We tasted six Plantation rums. The Guatemalan expression is finished in Amburana, a South American wood. The dosage was also
Plantation rum bottle next to glass on busy bar
Review #90: Plantation Single Cask Barbados XO Amburana Finish Review
A few months back, we did a vertical tasting of Plantation, featuring six single-cask expressions from the French bottler. We
Queen’s Bee Storm
The Queen's Bee storm is another in a series of quick to make champagne cocktails that are ideal for brunch.
Clear bottle of rum next to glencarins
Review #89: DOK 1489 Trelawny (Hampden) Review
The DOK rum, clocks in with roughly 4X the ester count of Smith and Cross. It's also unaged, and 69%
Bottle of Samaroli rum next to glass of rum
Review #88: Samaroli Jamaica Rhapsody
Samaroli Jamaica Rhapsody is one of those bottles that rum nerds whisper about. For the uninitiated, Samaroli is an independent
Review #87: Virginia Distilling Brewers Batch
The whisky is 100% malt, and is a blend of sourced Scottish whisky and some distilled on site. It's finished
Review #86: Ardbeg Kelpie
Okay, I’ll be honest: I have been searching for a bottle of this for a while. Every time I have
Review #84: Plantation Trinidad 1997
Tasting notes from a vertical of six Plantation single cask releases. This was our favorite of the bunch.
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