Spirit Reviews

We love writing about spirits. While we’ve had hundreds of rums, as of March 2019 we’ve just started formally reviewing them, and you can find our catalog of rum reviews, and history about the spirit in our Rum Reviews section.

We’ve picked up the pace on whisky reviews, and have amassed a small arsenal of reviews. You can also learn more about our spirit tasting and review process. Some of our favorites recently have been from the Scotch Malt Whisky Society (SMWS), so we put together a comprehensive guide to SMWS bottle numbers, because a lot of the other ones we found weren’t up to date and were missing things.

We accept Rum and Whisky samples and you can learn more about how to reach us on our contact us page.

New Best Friend
We decided to start with the Old Pal as a template and started by subbing a blend of Laphroaig and
cocktail in front of honey bottle and banana liqueur bottle
Mike’s Hot Sherry Bomb
The drink features Yoichi Single Malt, a peated Japanese malt from the famous Yoichi distillery. It also includes Pacific Rum.
What to Make with Laphroaig
We've made many peaty cocktails by now and here are the ones that we think work the best with the
Parasol (Banana Daquiri) on Fire
We originally bought Giffard’s banana liqueur solely for the purpose of making I Love Lamp, a cocktail featured in Imbibe.
Review #62: Akashi White Oak 5 Year White Wine Single Malt
This is a continuation of the series of posts on whiskies we tried in Japan. Most of the places we
Drunk Uncle Islay Cocktail
Drunk Uncle
Islay scotch and Cynar. Enough said.
Review #61: Signatory Royal Lochnagar 1991
While we were having the Port Ellen and a sherry aged Port Charlotte at our new favorite scotch bar (Campbelltoun
Review #60: Ichiro Malt Chichibu
We wrote about Bar High Five during our last trip to Japan. It remains my favorite of the excellent Ginza
Review #59: Rona’s Cask Port Charlotte 13 Year
This continues our series of whisky reviews that we wrote while touring some of the best scotch bars we have
Review #58: Golden Cask Port Ellen
This starts a series of whisky reviews we started while we were in Tokyo and Osaka, which have some of