Rusty Nail

The Rusty Nail's signature ingredient is Drambuie, a scotch based liquor, sweetened with heather honey, and infused with herbs and spices.

Review #96: Dalmore 15

As mentioned in our Dalmore 12 review, the reddit community does not like Dalmore much. There are some good points: they’re a bit watery (and a bit pricey). But the broader market likes Dalmore; some because of the shiny …

Review #95: Highland Park 2005 Octave

Vancouver is fun to visit, but there is a 90% chance it will rain at some point and then one needs an indoors activity contingency plan. For us, this typically involves liquor stores. In particular, I was very keen on …

Review #94: Dalmore 12

The /r/scotch community kind of has a thing going against Dalmore. I agree with a lot of the qualms. For one, it's relatively pricey. The biggest gripe seems to be because it is typically bottled at 40% and chill filtered, which reduces a lot of the strength that whisky aficionados enjoy. "Watery palate" is a good descriptor.

Review #78: BenRiach 21 Temporis Peated

BenRiach, besides being a fun name to say, turns out some underrated excellent whiskies. They’re known mostly for their experimental approach to cask types. Most of their line-up has focused on unpeated offerings.

Our local Glendronach/BenRiach representative (Rory Glasgow) turned …