Review #64: BenRiach 21 Temporis Peated

BenRiach, besides being a fun name to say, turns out some underrated excellent whiskies. They’re known mostly for their experimental approach to cask types. Most of their line-up has focused on unpeated offerings.

Our local Glendronach/BenRiach representative (Rory Glasgow) turned …

New Best Friend

We decided to start with the Old Pal as a template and started by subbing a blend of Laphroaig and Glen Moray in for Rye whiskey. We found that the Campari dominated the concoction, so we went back to the drawing board.

Review #61: Signatory Royal Lochnagar 1991

While we were having the Port Ellen and a sherry aged Port Charlotte at our new favorite scotch bar (Campbelltoun Loch in Tokyo), we decided to also veer off familiar territories and go with the Royal Lochnagar. It was mostly …