Getting Lost in the Woods

This drink comes from a bar in Lithuania, by way of /u/seanloreaux2 on Reddit. The original calls for 2 oz Oban, 0.5 oz pine infused simple syrup, 0.25 oz Fernet and 0.25 oz peated scotch (marked as optional but the more peat the merrier!)

Review #115: Ledaig 18 Year Batch 2 Sherry

I have a fondness for Ledaig and Oban that mostly stemmed from first learning how to pronounce their names (“Lech-aig” and “O-bin” respectively). But I love Ledaig because after a very long day drinking at San Francisco Whiskies of the …

Review #102: Springbank 18 Fresh Sherry Cask

Last Thursday, before the COVID-19 crisis quarantined us all starting this week, we went to Overproof. The reservations had been long outstanding – I made them early February, so I felt obligated to go (there was a $25/pp cancellation fee …

The Cooper Union

So I realize now as I’m typing this that I misspelled the cocktail name on our latest Instagram post as the “Copper Union” but it’s too late and no one mentioned it, so I won’t be sweating it.

Despite not …

Rusty Nail

The Rusty Nail's signature ingredient is Drambuie, a scotch based liquor, sweetened with heather honey, and infused with herbs and spices.