SCN Milk and Honey 2 Year

Milk and Honey, Israel’s first whisky distillery, draws its name from the biblical depiction of the area. God told Moses to settle in an area flowing with milk and honey:

“And I am come down to deliver them out of

The Cooper Union

So I realize now as I’m typing this that I misspelled the cocktail name on our latest Instagram post as the “Copper Union” but it’s too late and no one mentioned it, so I won’t be sweating it.

Despite not …

Review #95: Highland Park 2005 Octave

Vancouver is fun to visit, but there is a 90% chance it will rain at some point and then one needs an indoors activity contingency plan. For us, this typically involves liquor stores. In particular, I was very keen on …

Review #93: Kavalan Manzanilla Solist

This story starts with the basis that I am a very deal-oriented person. If I see a plane flight that has 7 extra hours of flight time combined with layover time but is $400 cheaper, I will purchase that over …

Review #78: BenRiach 21 Temporis Peated

BenRiach, besides being a fun name to say, turns out some underrated excellent whiskies. They’re known mostly for their experimental approach to cask types. Most of their line-up has focused on unpeated offerings.

Our local Glendronach/BenRiach representative (Rory Glasgow) turned …

Sharingan Cocktail

Was thinking the other day: what’s the point in having so many awesome amari if I don’t make more drinks with them! Good point, good point. Amaro Meletti is balanced, caramel, honey and sweet with a complicated back palate that …

New Best Friend

We decided to start with the Old Pal as a template and started by subbing a blend of Laphroaig and Glen Moray in for Rye whiskey. We found that the Campari dominated the concoction, so we went back to the drawing board.