Other Cocktails

We like many base spirits. Here are some of our favorite cocktails features mescal, Tequila, Grappa, and other exotic base spirits like Vodka!

Cocktail next to bottle of Campari
Dante’s tropical Negroni with flavors of Thailand.
Cocktail next to bottle of Rum Fire on top of rocks in a fire pit
Powerful cocktail featuring funky Jamaican rum
Cocktail sitting on map of NYC next to a small chicken
Balanced cocktail with rum and Tequila base.
Learning to love banana liqueur
Pink cocktail with lime twist in front of a lamp
Twin vodkas make a lovely pink cocktail
Cocktail next to Tequila bottle and carrot
Tequilla and carrot based cocktail with a little kick.
Cocktail with Tequila bottle next to it
Dual based shrub cocktail.
Set of three Tequila bottles with Tequila in glasses in front
Trip to Tommy's Mexican Restaurant in San Francisco
Foxy Bay Cocktail next to sake bottle and vodka mini bottle
Saketini with Ice Fox vodka and Sho Chiku Bai sake, created for Mixology Monday