Review #94: Dalmore 12

The /r/scotch community kind of has a thing going against Dalmore. I agree with a lot of the qualms. For one, it's relatively pricey. The biggest gripe seems to be because it is typically bottled at 40% and chill filtered, which reduces a lot of the strength that whisky aficionados enjoy. "Watery palate" is a good descriptor.

Review #93: Kavalan Manzanilla Solist

This story starts with the basis that I am a very deal-oriented person. If I see a plane flight that has 7 extra hours of flight time combined with layover time but is $400 cheaper, I will purchase that over …

Queen’s Bee Storm

The Queen's Bee storm is another in a series of quick to make champagne cocktails that are ideal for brunch. The drink is a riff on the Groovy Appeal.

Review #86: Ardbeg Kelpie

Okay, I’ll be honest: I have been searching for a bottle of this for a while. Every time I have tried to order it on a menu, the bartender will look around and then tell me that they are sorry, …