Review #54: Monoplane Jamaican Rum 1960s

We’re both big fans of Smugglers Cove, and sometimes one feels a little splurgey when celebrating. This week I had one of those occasions, so, finding myself at Smugglers, I looked through the list for splurge-worthy whiskies.

For the unacquainted, Smugglers is our favorite (and Yelp’s favorite) bar in San Francisco. They have a staggering rum program with >700 rums in stock at any given time. They’re always snapping up new releases, the bartenders and barbacks are incredibly knowledable, and are happy to find any rum in the bar, even when they’re exceedingly busy. If this sounds like something bars would obviously do IT’S NOT! We’ve been to half a dozen other bars with extensive liquor programs who tell you that things are “out of stock” and encountered bartenders who give you looks of deepest loathing when you try to order a bottle that’s on the top shelf. If you are a bar owner and you have one of these programs at your bar, please train your staff to explain and to be happy to find and pour your expensive spirits, or stop doing it. /rant

Anywho, today I decided to try Monoplane Jamaican Rum from the 1960s. Not the world’s most accessible rum.

Bottle of rum on top of mat at bar
Monoplane Jamaican Rum, the bottle has seen better days

Monoplane Jamaican Rum Review
  • Score - 6/10

Tasting Notes

Nose: Some faint Jamaican banana estery-ness, but you really have to search for it.

Palate: Lots of burnt rubber, like the pavement at the Indianapolis 500. The Jamaican esters punch through though, and the whole thing is nicely balanced. Some sweet brown sugar mid palate.

Not a very long finish.


TLDR: “Go speed racer go.”

Overview: Some of that Jamaican funk remains, but it’s muted. Heavy note of rubber.

Bought for $150 / oz (!)

Additional Information

  • ABV: 30% (!)
  • Cask: ???
  • Age: ???
  • Some kind of rum, likely distilled in a Jamaican pot still
  • Bottled in the 1960s by BB Mason & Co Ltd.

About Monoplane Rum

  • Monoplanes have one wing! How modern, no more bi-plane stuff.
  • Google yields no search results for Monoplane rum.
  • Company is no longer extant.

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