Review #26: Aberlour 24 Cadenhead

Established in 1842, Cadenhead is one of Scotland’s oldest bottlers. For the unacquainted, independent bottlers buy casks and new make spirit from established distilleries for a variety of reasons. Some buy spirits during downtimes, or when distilleries are just getting established. Some buy casks that have much different flavors from a distillery’s core range and aren’t appropriate to blend. Older independent bottlers like A.D. Rattray, Gordon Mcphail’s (Conniseur’s Choice), and Cadenhead tend to be very high quality products, and can sometimes be a downright steal like this whisky.

Abelour, a malt distillery owned by Chivas in the heart of Speyside, tends to have heavily sherried expressions. I love them. When I spotted their 24 year old expression on the menu for $18 a pour (6 less than an Abelour 18), I had to pick this bad boy up. I got the last dram!

Aberlour 24 Cadenhead Review
  • Aberlour 24 Cadenhead - 8.5/10

Tasting Notes

Nose: Tropical fruits, nectarines, pear. Cola, effervescent and fizzy. Floral like a feminine perfume.

Palate: So drinkable, golden raisins, lemon pie, peaches and cream, sprite soda. Honey.

Finish: Light sauternes, honey aftertaste with a hint of ash dryness, tingly and effervescent.


TLDR: “Nectarine soda.” It’s weird, but effervescent is an apt description for this one. Must try for lovers of Aberlour. Bought for: ~$18 / 1.5 oz pour.

Additional Information

  • ABV: 51.7
  • Cask: Oak, probably ex-Bourbon.
  • Age: 24 years


  • Aberlour was started in the late 1800s by James Fleming, a former grain merchant who bought too much grain.
  • Distillery is now part of the Chivas portfolio, but they hold on to a bit for delicious single malts.
  • Definitely worth a visit! The distillery is in the heart of Speyside, near Macallan and Glenfiddich.

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